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Application Process Details 

Ma, Paws, & Me Pet Rescue Application Process Details

  • Home Based Meet & Greet - After the application has been approved, a Home Based Meet & Greet will be done by a Ma, Paws, & Me Pet Rescue Representative. This is to provide the opportunity for the dog and adopter to interact in a home-based environment and make sure it's a good fit for both the dog and the new family.

  • Contract and Paperwork - If the meet and greet goes well and is deemed a good fit, we will move forward with the adoption contract which details our policies and procedures regarding the Ma, Paws, & Me Pet Rescue dog. You will be given a copy of the adoption contract, as well as all appropriate veterinary records.

  • Adoption Donation/Fee - We incur significant expenses to rescue each dog in our care, such as veterinary treatment & surgeries, food, shelter, pull fees, transportation, etc. When you adopt a dog from Ma, Paws, & Me Pet Rescue, you aren't "buying" a dog - your donation/fee not only goes towards the care of your adoptive dog, but helps to make it possible for us to further our mission in rescuing dogs and placing them into forever homes. Adoption donations/fees can be made with cash or check only. 

All Ma, Paws, & Me Pet Rescue Adopted Dogs receive the following: 

     - Spay/Neuter Surgery

     - Heartworm test (and treatment, if positive)

     - Age-appropriate Vaccinations

     - Current on Flea & Tick Preventative

     - Microchip

     - Current on Heartworm Preventative

     - De-worming 

Please note that we are unable to make any guarantees of future health, temperament, size, or breed of your adopted dog. We do our absolute best to create safe & healthy environments for the dogs while in our care. We expect adopters to do the same. 

Find additional information regarding our Rescue Policies via the links below: 

Adoption Policies

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