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We are 100% Volunteer based and are always looking for new dog loving individuals to join our team.


We couldn't do what we do without the help from people like you!  



I'm not telling you it's going to be easy. I'm telling you it will be worth it! ​

Want to make a difference in the life of a homeless animal and feel a sense of reward? Consider fostering today. Every animal that goes into a foster home brings down the number of shelter animals euthanized each year. 

Fostering not only gives these animals their life, it gives these animals love, guidance, and compassion, 24 hours a day. More importantly they have a home to call their own while they wait for their forever family.

Fostering makes a difference. Remember all animals will have different needs. Some will need a quiet home for medical reasons. Some will need help with manners and basic obedience and some just need a home. You can choose what foster home you want to be. If we had more people willing to open up their home to dogs in need, we could save more. In the beginning they may not be settled, but they know they are safe and loved. In the end, it is never easy to say "goodbye" to these beautiful souls, but seeing their happy ending makes it all worthwhile and when that chapter comes to an end, there will be another one waiting for a chance to be saved!


You don't have to foster several or continuously! You could foster once and be done, or only foster for a few months out of every year. See below for information about our CODE RED dogs and those dogs expecting puppies....these are just a few of the types of dogs currently stuck in shelters and are in urgent need of a Foster family.


FOSTER TODAY and help save lives!  Simply fill out the Foster Application form below to get started. 


Want to know more about fostering?

What is a foster home? 

A foster home takes in one of our homeless animals and cares for it until we find a permanent, loving home.

Our rescue will provide all necessary supplies and vet care. You provide the home and love! 

How do foster homes help? 

The animal stays in a home rather than being boarded. 

The foster home learns the animals temperament and behaviors. 

The foster home learns if the animal gets along with other animals.

The foster home provides insights on the animal which helps us find the right home for the animal.

How do foster homes benefit the animals?  

  • Boarding kennels are often noisy and frightening for an animal. A home is a much nicer place for an animal to live. 

  • Our animals deserve love and attention...foster homes provide this while the animal on its journey to a forever home. 

  • It is so important to pass any information on to an adoptive family because we have a better chance of the animal finding the right permanent home.  

What are the rewards for having a foster home? 

  • An animal will always give you unconditional love.

  • When you place the dog in a forever home, the feeling is priceless! 

  • You are saving a life! While it is often hard to give the animal to someone else, you have helped save a life and can now be available to help another. 

Please reach out and help your community, in a world where people seem to have forgotten the words LOVE and CARING. 



ONE AND DONE! Maybe fostering long-term isn't for you or your family but you still want to help? Choosing to take a Code Red or a dog expecting puppies into your home can make a HUGE difference. 

So what is a Code Red? When our shelter partners in the South put out a "Code Red" it means they are simply out of space. Between strays and owner surrenders sometimes they just can't keep up, at times they have over 100 dogs/puppies. If they cannot find permanent or foster homes for the dogs it often means euthanizing healthy, beautiful dogs. 


Did someone say puppies? Pregnant / Expecting Dog mom's are often in need of a Foster home as well. Giving birth is scary enough without it having to be in a kennel surrounded by other unknown dogs. We are always looking for families interested in Fostering these amazing mother's to be. As with all Fosters, but especially with the momma's Ma, Paws & Me will be there to help support you along the way. Here is just one of the reviews from a Foster family: 

"Our family loves fostering moms and puppies! MPM provides all of the "stuff" that you need, as well as any/all support or information you might need. The first 3-4 weeks are honestly a piece of cake (with healthy mom/pups) because mama is the one doing most of the work of feeding and cleaning up after the babies. The next 3-4 weeks are busier with chasing and cleaning up after puppies, but SO fun with so many puppy snuggles and adorable puppy antics! It is so rewarding to see the puppies change, grow and get a good start to their lives. And then to help them find their perfect family. If you are even alittle bit curious about fostering moms and babies, I would HIGHLY recommend giving it a try. At least once!"

FOSTER TODAY and help save lives!  Simply fill out the Foster Application form.

Code Red Mommas
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